By: Matt Dery

In case you missed it last night, Kobe Bryant had an interesting comment when discussing the Lakers’ future. The future Hall of Famer was asked if the era of excellence could be over for his team and here is how he responded. Skip to the 2:30 mark to see the quote.

Bryant said, “I’m not fading into the shadows. I’m not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere. It’s not one of those things, where.. like.. the Bulls beat the Pistons and the Pistons disappeared forever. I’m not going for that (bleep).”

It is an interesting comment because the Pistons did fade after the Bad Boys were finally defeated by Michael Jordan and the Bulls, but the “Goin’ to Work” Pistons did reappear and 13 years later won a championship. They also won it by beating Kobe Bryant and the Lakers!

In fairness, Kobe may be saying that “forever” is over 10 years in his mind.


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