Police: Woman Used Child In Shoplifting Scheme

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(credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images, File)

(credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images, File)

TROY (WWJ – Police in Troy have issued an arrest warrant for a woman who they say forced her daughter to shoplift and then left her in jail.

The 11-year-old girl has told police that her mother put baby clothes, jewelry and women’s shirts in her purse then told the girl to walk out of the Old Navy store with it.

When the girl and another woman who was with the pair were stopped by store security her mother was nowhere to be found.

Police called the 49-year-old women and say at first she denied ever being at the Old Navy. She later called and said she had lied because he was scared.

She never appeared at the station.

He daughter was picked up by another relative. The mother is charged with child neglect, theft and contributing the delinquency of a minor.

She was still at large on Tuesday.

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