By: Mike Valenti

Not going to lie, that was my reaction when I read the news that the Tigers were calling up a minor leaguer.

After 15 minutes of “research” on I’m still puzzled.

Berry is a 27-year old journeyman who has played for and been let go by three organizations. He has never played a single moment in the majors and shows no eye popping numbers.

Clearly he has speed. Well bravo. His Batting Average and OBP numbers aren’t exactly fantastic but in fairness he had a really nice 2011…and then was let go by the Reds.

Berry sports a 2 to 1 K to BB ratio and is basically a .360 OBP guy…in AA/AAA.

The speed looks tremendous but it means little if you can’t get on base. I stand by my desire for Bobby Abreu a few weeks back. Abreu has a proven track record at the MLB level and although fading is still a pro at the plate who makes pitchers work. In 48AB with the Dodgers he has a .418 OBP, 11 runs scored and chipped in 6RBI.

Anyone have a problem with Dirks leading off playing in center and Abreu manning the 2-spot?

My expectations for Berry are minimal. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

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