By e) Doug Karsch

By: Doug Karsch

NFL Players are suing the NFL – for what they believe is collusion. 2010 was an uncapped year and the NFL Players Union believes owners didn’t spend enough on player salaries because they had a “secret” $123M cap.


Let me ask the players this – do you even want the NFL?


Or do you just want to convene at the park on Sundays and mark end zones and sidelines with shoes and sweatshirts – play two completions is a first down – and rush the passer after five Mississippi’s?

I can understand the 2,000 former players suing the league for what they believe were un-safe practices in regards to concussions. But I keep hearing current players saying en masse ‘I would keep playing even with the risks,’ — that can’t help the former players case.
But if the league losses both cases, it makes you wonder if the owners will just throw up their arms and say, fine – you win. We give. Here’s your check. Now meet at the park if you want to play.


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