By: Sara

Burgers, fries, and (Gasp!) even hot dogs aren’t the same without ketchup, the king of condiments. Well, just in time for barbeque season, a team of MIT mechanical engineers and nano-technologists have fixed the problem of painfully slow ketchup. The group actually clocked how long things take when you pour ketchup out of a bottle and the pace rolls in at .028 miles per hour. That is slower than a Galapagos tortoise!

Riding to the rescue is an incredibly sexual sounding product called “LiquiGlide.” The goo is made out of FDA-approved materials, and can coat the inside of anything without affecting flavor. The example video just looks gross, and makes me think that if you don’t have the right technique, your food could be drowning in a sea of tomatoes and sugar.

If you are thinking that bottled ketchup is for old timers and all the kids in the club use squeeze bottle ketchup, don’t worry, the MIT guys thought of that too. When LiquiGlide coats the inside of the squeeze ketchup, it makes sure that every last drop leaves the container and makes for no waste.


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