It’s like quicksand…when a person falls in ..and the harder they try to get out the deeper they go. That seems to be the plight of the Tigers. I know they’re trying but the results have not been there and it doesn’t appear things will get better. After being swept by the Indians..I didn’t feel like they totally dominated the series. I know all that counts is getting the “W” but it seemed more like the Tigers beat themselves. Bad base running, mental errors, swinging at bad pitches all combine to take a toll. What is most disturbing is that it looks like the club frustration is setting in and that can sow the seeds of discontent. This week, Manger Jim Leyland admitted he’s tried everything¬† but nothing seems to be working. This team needs a leader..a player to step forward and challenge his team mates and then back it up with performance. Like the song said….”oh where did you go Victor Martinez.” Actually the line had Joe DiMaggio as the player in the line…but it’s clear to me the Tigers miss the Martinez presence in the clubhouse.

Rob Sanford


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