DETROIT (WWJ) – Negotiations between Iran and world powers over Tehran’s nuclear program,which got underway this week, will resume next month in Moscow.

At issue is concern about the Islamic Republic’s ability to enrich uranium, a key step toward the ability to build atomic weapons; something Michigan Senator Carl Levin believes Iran is poised to do.

“Iran, in my judgement, is determined to have the capability to move to nuclear weapons. Whether they’ve made the decision to actually build nuclear weapons is in dispute, our intelligence community says they’ve not made the decision to actually build the weapons yet,” said Levin.

“They have a record of supporting terrorism and if they handed a nuclear material to terrorists groups, those groups could use that material and would use it against any county they decided they could use it against,” said Levin.

Levin stressed that the international community has to keep together so that there are no holes in the curtains we are throwing around Iran.

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