Eight People Escape Burning Hamtramck Home

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DETROIT (WWJ) A dramatic escape unfolded when 8 people, including two children, fled a burning home at about 3:30 a.m. Monday in Hamtramck, on Trowbridge near I-75 and Caniff.

Hamtramck Fire Chief Paul Wilk said six people were still upstairs inside the burning home when they arrived.

“Six people that live in the upstairs flat were brought down by my people from the front porch from a ladder, two people downstairs were able to get out on their own,” Wilk said.

Wilk says, fortunately, the home is just a block away from the fire department, and a quick response meant most of the belongings in the home were saved.

So, what caused the blaze?

Investigators think someone left a garage door open–allowing something or someone inside, starting the fire.

“The garage was full of old furniture, mattresses, some trash, and what the people told me was occasionally someone opens the back door on the alley and leaves it open,” Wilk explained.

No one was injured.

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