SAGINAW (WWJ) – A deer caused quite a stir inside of a Saginaw County consignment store Monday, crashing through the front window, leaving behind broken glass and spattered blood.

Lt. Gary Grauf, with the Saginaw Township Police Department, spoke with WWJ about the intruder.

“There was a homeless person smoking a cigarette out in front of the store, when this deer crashed through. The fellow went running, got scared and our officers on the way to the scene picked this guy up – thought they had a B&E suspect and he says, “No, no, it wasn’t me, a deer ran through the window,” and the officer says, “Yeah, sure.” And sure enough the first thing he sees is blood and fur on the broken glass going into the store,” explained Grauf.

Amazingly, the deer didn’t damage the clothing that was on racks inside the “Wears Like New” consignment store… sticking to the isles until police arrived.

“The deer at one point smashed a mirror inside … the damage was actually limited … because it appears the deer used the isles,” said Grauf.


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