Street Re-paving Project Rubbing Lincoln Park Residents The Wrong Way

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Getty Images: Mark Wilson

Getty Images: Mark Wilson

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LINCOLN PARK, Mich. (WWJ) – A street re-paving project in Lincoln Park turned messy when the tar turned into taffy along Emmons Street and started sticking to everything but the pavement.

The problem? Officials explained that tar and gravel were applied to a wet street surface and on recent hot days, the moisture evaporated and softened the tar. That became stuck to tires, shoes, you name it.

Long-time resident Sam Seamone is hearing plenty of complaints from his perch at Yum Yum Donuts, and he’s glad he doesn’t live on that stretch of road.

“Oh, my wife would blow her stack if I dragged tar in the driveway,” Seamone said. “Boy, my name would be mud; it would.”

The city and roadwork contractors are now working on a repair.

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