LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan State Senator Rick Jones, along with law enforcement officials, say they want tougher laws on the books to prevent further gun violence in the state.

Jones is proposing stiffer legislation, like 25 years to life in prison for someone brings a gun to a crime and someone is hurt. Current law calls for a  2-year concurrent jail term.

“If you bring a gun to your crime you’re doing hard time, period,” said Jones. “We’ve got way too much violence — Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Pontiac.”

Jones is supported by Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard as well as Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, who say keeping criminals behind bars longer with stiffer gun sentences would save money in the long run and prevent them from re-offending.

“And a homicide costs about $5 million when you go through all of the costs relative to law enforcement, prosecuting the case if it goes to prosecution, incarceration and medical costs,” Godbee said.

Would this help to prevent violent crime? Comment below.


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