DETROIT (WWJ) –  A security breach happened at a state corrections department probation center when a man wanted on an arrest warrant turned himself in — with a loaded handgun.

Sources tell WWJ CityBeat Reporter Vickie Thomas the probationer walked into the Michigan Department of Corrections Office on James Couzens and Meyers Monday with a loaded gun and took it out as officers attempted to arrest him. No one was injured.

Staffers now want metal detectors installed, but there are mixed feelings among current and former probationers. One man who had just checked in with his probation officer said, “I think they should protect the employees and the probationers also. The world is changing, it’s wild out there. Any protection is better than none.”

Others see it differently, as another probationer says metal detectors are not needed, saying, “They don’t have them now, they shouldn’t get them.” He adds there had never been any trouble there before.

The department is reviewing security measures. Department of Corrections spokesman Russ Marlon says handheld metal detectors are now being considered for that location.

Currently, five of 15 metro area offices do not have metal detectors.


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