ANN ARBOR — Want to call anyone out — about anything?

Thanks to Ann Arbor-based What’s Next Mobile, now there’s an app for that.

Called iCallUOut, the application allows users to challenge anyone to anything on an iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch device.

More at or

The app was developed in collaboration with Arbor Moon Software Inc., an Ann Arbor software development company, and The Whole Brain Group, an Ann Arbor Web development and marketing company.

Using iCallUOut, users can challenge or “call out” their friends, family and coworkers to any future event while iCallUOut keeps score and allows them to tout their success on Facebook.

A call out can be anything you want to show how much you know about what is going to happen in the future. Call out someone to something fun (“I will send more texts than you today”), funny (“I will burp 3 times out loud at this party”) or functional (“Each of us will lose 2 lbs this week”). Once the person you call out accepts — it’s on!

After the call out is complete, either side declares the winner. Since we all like to keep score, iCallUOut tracks your wins/losses against your opponents — and keeps a running scoreboard of the top game players to see how you stack up.

ICallUOut is integrated with Facebook so you can tell ALL your friends about your skills and ability to outwit others.   “We are excited to introduce iCallUOut as a way to help people get through the mundane parts of the day through making different challenges to each other that run the gamut from fun, to funny, to inspiring,” said Kit Dickinson of What’s Next Mobile.

The app is free to download and use. A 99-cent premium version upgrade option is available for more active users who want to make challenges to two or more people.


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