The Tigers limped into Cincinnati having to play 3 games in a “launching pad” of a ballpark. But instead of just lying down when they got behind, the Bengals ground out 2 impressive wins to take the series. I hope we can look back at the series as the turning point in the season.

The offense show its first signs of making adjustments at the plate later in the game. Up till now…every at-bat seemed like it was the first time the hitter had seen a pitcher. I think sometimes the Tigers out thought themselves instead of just playing baseball. The more boos the players heard at home…the more they seemed to press and try too hard. The club is showing its first signs of just relaxing and letting their talent take over.

Does Jose Valverde load the baseball?? A You Tube video purports to show “PaPa Grande” spitting on the ball before throwing it. I can’t believe the pitcher could do such an overt infraction without being seen by at least one umpire or even the other team. It might explain why Valverde has pitched two perfect innings in his last 2 outings. But again I have not seen any unusual movement on the balls he throws and sometimes video can appear to show something…but turned out to be wrong. Just look at all the many interpretations of the video of George Zimmerman being brought into the Sanford Police on the night of the shooting of an unarmed teen.


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