By: Mike Stone

The NBA Finals tips off Tuesday and what better way to look at the series than a Stoney Six Pack. Here are the six reasons why Miami will win.

1. LeBron James. I believe he will make amends for last year’s fiasco. LeBron has been playing at an all world level for the most part these playoffs. He finally realizes the Heats title hopes rest on him. With all apologies to Kevin Durant, LeBron is the best player on the planet right now.

2. Defense. Miami and LeBron in particular play much better defense than Oklahoma City. Durant will still be able to score over anyone because of his height, but nobody plays better team defense than Miami.

3. Russell Westbrook. The Thunder point guard is a great player, but he looks to score too much at times. In these finals, the Thunder cannot afford a couple of his 7-26 games from the field.

4. Experience. I don’t think you can say enough about championship experience. Yes, Derek Fisher and Kendrick Perkins have won rings, but I honestly believe the experience from last year’s meltdown against Dallas will work in Miami’s favor this year. They can’t lose in the finals two years in a row and subconsciously Oklahoma City will have the glad to be here feeling.

5. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Yes Wade is a diva and you will all get sick of his act if you are not already, but let’s be real, he is still great. Bosh meanwhile has gotten better every game since his return and will give the Thunder fits.

6. James Harden’s beard. The guy is an unbelievable player. Great coming off the bench. He is obviously there third best player. However I just can’t see anyone with a beard like that getting to hold the Lawrence O’Brien trophy.

Oh yes a couple more things. The Thunder win the bad ex-Piston factor with Nazr Mohammed on the squad and more importantly the main reason Miami will win is because I will be pulling hard for Oklahoma City. It looks like me, Dan Miller and rest of the ABM (anyone but Miami) club will be heartbroken.

Heat in 7


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