UNION CITY (WWJ) – If you’re in the mood to be nude this weekend and you want to get some exercise, you’re definitely in luck.

Turtle Lake Resort, a year-round nudist resort in Southwest Michigan, is hosting a clothing optional 5K run/walk on Saturday, June 16 in Union City.

Organizer Mark Hammond said participants must be at least 18-years-old and willing to leave inhibitions at home.

“Get a good pair of shoes and a good pair of socks and you might have a sweatband on. That’s about all everyone wears and they’re very comfortable doing it,” said Hammond.

After paying the $30 race entry fee, Hammond said participants will be able to enjoy all of the resort’s facilities, including the beach, indoor pool, tennis courts and more.

“After the run, they can stay and enjoy all of our amenities if they choose to. We’re also having a putt-putt golf tournament afterwards, a nude putt-putt golf tournament,” he said.

So, what type of people usually participate? Hammond, who has been a nudist for over 25 years, said they could be your neighbors or even your parents.

“The typical person is 45-years and older, empty nesters, where the kids have moved away from home and Mom and Dad have got time to themselves. And for some reason, that is the niche market for the business that we’re in,” he said.

But if you’re interested in taking in a little voyeurism, Hammond said this event is not for you. The event is open to everyone, not just the buff and beautiful, and cameras, video recorders or other photographic devices are not permitted.

“We have all walks of life, all different shapes and sizes. I always tell people if you’re coming here to look at beautiful women, you’re going to the wrong place. We are just naturalists. We are who we are and we’re body acceptant,” he said.

Even if you’re not willing to go fully nude, Hammond said you’re still invited. He stressed that the event is clothing optional and gives people the opportunity to test the waters of the nudist lifestyle.

“It’s really nice to just go in one of our pools and you get out and you don’t have a sticky bathing suit hanging to you, you just dry off with your towel. It’s just the freedom of, you know, being able to do, we do everything here you do at every other resort, only we don’t have to wear clothes. Once you’ve experienced it, it’s not for everybody, but most people, I’ve had them say ‘Oh no, I could never do that,’ but once they come out here, then they say ‘Wow, it’s just the nicest people you could ever meet,'” he said.

For more information about the 5K run and Turtle Lake Resort, visit turtle-lake.net.

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