Man Who Dumped Tree Trunks, “Don’t Take Orders From No Woman”

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Bill grew up in the metropolis that is Warren, Michigan. Bill al...
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By: Bill McAllister

Sometimes words aren’t enough, you need to hear or see it for yourself to believe it. A man from my hometown of Warren is being accused of dumping tree trunks on Kalsh Street on Detroit’s east side. Resident Jeff Brown says he saw a man unloading the chunks of wood onto the street. “As I went to go say ‘What are you doing?’, the driver of the truck, a short blond haired guy looked at me and I looked at him. He took off south down Conant,” said Brown. Being the awesome citizen he is, Mr. Brown jumped in his car and chased the truck, got the license plate number and called the police. The Po-po couldn’t track down the truck so Mr. Brown called Channel 7. Circle 7 was able to track down the truck and the classic piece of work known as Ihor Stetkewycz. When approached by reporter Tara Edwards and asked why he did it, Mr. S replied, “You don’t have to ask me, and I don’t take no orders from no woman by the way.”

Stetkewycz admitted to driving a flatbed truck with tree parts on it but claimed he must have hit a bump in the road and the debris fell off the truck but only after claiming he was from Mars and that his name is not Mr. Clean but Mr. Clean Up. As a guy who was born and raised in Warren, please do not judge the rest of based on Ihor Stetkewycz.

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