LANSING (WWJ) – Now that fireworks sales are legal in Michigan, some local communities are implementing their own restrictions pertaining to how they’re used.

The sponsor of the law creating the legal fireworks sales in Michigan believes that local municipalities are beginning to nibble away at his law, but State Representative Harold Haugh says he has really no choice but to let that happen.

“A lot of the local municipalities are adopting their own criteria of when these fireworks can be used. They understand they can be sold, but they’re trying to prohibit the usage of them. And I think the [attorney general’s] opinion that says local ordinances are predominant gives them the opportunity to enforce it as they see fit for their community,” says Haugh.

The Roseville Democrat doesn’t necessarily like this, but says he’ll have to live with it.

Meanwhile, residents are urged to be careful where they set off those fireworks. While it may be legal to buy and use roman candles, bottle rockets and other fireworks in Michigan, it’s against the law to use them on public or private property unless the owner gives permission.

Wildfire prevention specialist Paul Kollmeyer is urging consumers to be extra careful when using fireworks.

“The way the law states it is that you can’t light off fireworks on public lands or the lands of somebody else without their permission. And that would include not just the state forest lands and parks, but any of the public lands, local parks or national forest lands,” says Kollmeyer.

Kollmeyer says hot, dry conditions are expected to continue over the next few weeks. He adds that it’s already been an active year for fires and adding fireworks to the mix could make things even worse.

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