LANSING (WWJ) – Republicans in Lansing are touting their plan to cut taxes, but some Democrats are pushing back saying the proposed cuts aren’t fair.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick says House Republicans passed yet another income tax rollback the day before they left for the campaign trail for reelection. And Democrats are crying foul saying the rich will benefit more from this tax cut than the folks who really need it.

State Representative Fred Durhal Jr., (D-Detroit), is one of the people who doesn’t agree with the tax plan.

“Folks that make more money should be paying more taxes, it’s just that simple. And I think that the folks who can least afford to pay the taxes ought to be given whatever kind of break we can give to them. This economy will never turn around if we keep suppressing the majority of folk out here who are moderate to low income, and keep rewarding the fat cats,” says Durhal.


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