LANSING (WWJ) – A growing number of Michigan communities are seeking to silence more powerful fireworks that now are legal in the state.

As WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports, local municipalities around the state are looking to regulate the hours that residents can legally set off fireworks.

Bottle rockets, aerial cakes, Roman candles, firecrackers all can be sold and enjoyed legally after lawmakers and Gov. Rick Snyder erased the ban. Under the new law, local governments may not prohibit the sale of fireworks, but they may restrict their use, except during 10 national holidays and the day before and after each.

Ben Bacon, who works in the fireworks industry, said they support the decision by local governments to regulate the use of fireworks, as long as that’s where the line is drawn.

“Locals have the authority to restrict usage during those hours, as it’s outlined, and we’re supportive of that,” said Bacon. “If it goes a step further and there’s an attempt to regulate the sale or transportation of the fireworks, that’s where we’ll get involved because that’s not consistent with the way the law was passed.”

Several local governments in the state have already enacted some firework restrictions.

In some communities — like West Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Utica, Grand Rapids and Wyoming  — the overall use of fireworks is banned, except for the day before, the day of and the day after a federal holiday.

Other communities — like Warren, Sterling Heights and Rockford — have imposed slightly loser restrictions, only prohibiting the use of fireworks between certain overnight hours.

Anyone who uses fireworks outside of the restrictions imposed by local governments could be ticketed and fined for disturbing the peace.

Some lawmakers are hoping restrictions on fireworks usage will eventually make it into proposals at the state level.

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