They are called the “Senior Circuit.” The name is derived from the length of time the National League has been in existence. For the Tigers the interleague play has meant the difference from good season to a mediocre one. The team mops up on their weaker opponents and the resulting momentum have given them the springboard to a good season. While I’m not a big fan of the match ups the Tigers certainly benefit from them…I can’t argue they have certainly added to their “W” column.

Much is being made of comments made by Jim Leyland that the Tigers need a killer instinct and some “dirtbag” type players. Leyland in his pre-game meeting with the media is a time when he puts his feet on his desk…chain smokes…tells stories…and offers his opinion on a variety of topics. It’s a relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes you can say things you wouldn’t otherwise and sort of have¬†a stream of consciousness. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Remember this is the same guy that says he doesn’t believe in things like “chemistry” and momentum…things I totally think is important. Having said this…I do think the Tigers need to be able to seal the deal when they take the lead in the late innings.


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