By: Bill McAllister

Today, Wednesday June 20th, is the official first day of summer. If this week’s weather is any indication we’re in for a toasty three months. Yesterday’s high temp of 95 tied a record for the hottest June 19th in Michigan weather history. We also set a record for the highest low temp of 75. Today, we’re expected to come close to another record with an anticipated high of 97! (At the time of this blog it is currently 92 degrees) There was such a strain on the grid that about 4000 people in Berkley were without power for about four hours this morning…I can’t imagine. No air conditioning, no fan, no hope of avoiding sleeping in a puddle of my own filth.

A lot of people love this kind of weather. Stoney for instance has said he can handle extreme heat over extreme cold. I for one am the complete opposite, Sara as well. I would much rather have a 20 degree day than a 95 degree day with high humidity. Maybe it’s my overly Waspy (is that a word?) ethnic background. As a product of Scottish, English and French heritage, a balmy, sunny April or October afternoon with a high temp of 72 is perfect! We prefer rainy days, any excuse to stay indoors and watch TV is ideal. We just can’t handle the heat (I hate that LeBron’s gonna win a championship). I walked my dog around the block, about a seven minute journey and when we returned home I seriously needed about 20 minutes to recover. Man, that sounds wimpy but it’s true! My face was red, I’ve got a vein popping out on both sides of my forehead that look like someone implanted ramen noodles under my skin…I was a mess!

I can’t believe I have three more months of this.


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