DETROIT(WWJ) – With the 4th of July holiday approaching, The Michigan Humane Society encourages pet owners to take the proper steps to keep their animals secure during festivities.

According to the Humane Society, the number of animals being taken into shelters increases dramatically around the holiday, and most animals are found with no identification.

When fireworks and other loud noises are going on outside, pets can do some pretty remarkable things to escape,” said Terri Mallett, Animal Behavior Specialist with the Michigan Humane Society. “That’s why having up-to-date identification including ID tags and a microchip is so important – it’s the best way for a lost pet to find their way home.”

Many animals fear loud noises such as fireworks, and should be kept secure to prevent escape. Dogs should not be taken to fireworks displays, even if they are not easily frightened.

Pets often suffer from heat exhaustion due to the hot weather at this time as well, and should be kept indoors with plenty of cool water to prevent dehydration.

More from the Michigan Humane Society at this link.


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