DETROIT — The good folks at are back for yet another Monday listing of job openings and more. Without further ado, here are the potential new gigs:

* Liberty Mutual Insurance — 13 available positions, primarily for sales representatives
* BigMachines Inc. posted 2 jobs, a quality assurance manager and a customer support consultant
* Edward C. Levy Co. posted 2 jobs, a maintenance mechanic-manufacturing technician and an inside sales representative
* Terumo Heart posted 2 jobs, a training manager and a senior research and development electrical engineer II
* On the Mark Recruiting Specialists Inc. posted 21 available positions, primarily for engineers also allows you to refer your friends to available openings and earn big bucks. Here are this week’s notable bonus opportunities:
* Test Equipment Engineer – Automotive, On The Mark — $2,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Front End Developer, Belly — $3,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Gas Process Engineer, Gas Technology Institute — $2,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Software Developer for MarketMaster (MMO) & ServiceSmarts (SSO), Urban Science — $2,000 hiring and referral bonus also offered these tips to master a phone interview:

* Profile. When employers refer to your previous experience or ask you to give examples with experiential questions, a copy of your profile in front of you is clutch. If you’re nervous, it’s a great cheat sheet to make sure you touch on your proudest achievements without hesitation.
* Questions. Make sure to research the company and position in depth beforehand. Write out a list of industry and company specific questions. As the conversation progresses, incorporate these questions to show a thorough understanding and interest in the job.
* Adjectives. Write out a list of good adjectives. When an employer asks how you would describe yourself and your work ethics, the last thing you want to do is be at a loss for words. Writing down a list and reading it before the interview will help you to smoothly answer the questions and instill your confidence in your abilities.
* Pen and paper. Sometimes an employer will start talking about something. And keep on talking. Before you know it you may temporarily zone out. This is why it’s crucial to take notes and follow the conversation. Then when they ask, “How does that sound?” You can provide honest and intelligent feedback.
* Computer. Pull up helpful resources on a computer beforehand, including the company Web site, interviewer’s bio, and the job description. These may come in handy during the interview if the employer refers to their background or other online resources.

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