By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

As I get ready to tie the knot I’m realizing that planning a wedding is a lot of hard work. There are so many aspects to getting hitched that I never thought of, even accidently, NEVER. What guy thinks about floral arrangements, centerpieces or place cards? I’m thinking not too many. I admit the whole process has been tough and while it will be well worth it in the end, right now there have been a lot of disagreements and flat out arguments.

But that is to be expected? Right? It seems like everybody that I have talked to have gone through the same thing. It is par for the course.

Of course there is one aspect of getting married that is awesome, something that guys have thought about probably from the first one they attended one: the bachelor party.

Despite changing social climates in our world, it’s reassuring the bachelor party has survived the test of time. Sure guys are talked into to scaling back their parties, or worse yet forced to have a couples gathering, but neither is the case when it comes to my bachelor festivities. This party is the only aspect to the whole marriage process that I have complete control over and the only goal is FUN.

So when my brother asked me what I wanted to do for the party, I shot out several ideas that are hopefully taking shape as I type.

Below I have listed the 5 Necessities that every bachelor party must include. Give it a read and then tell me what I missed? After all, this is my first and hopefully only one.

5. A day activity

Most bachelor parties I have attended have taken place in the evening with a get-together during the day to kick things off. This is a must. Why just spend the last night of your single life with all your buddies when you can spend the entire day with them too? Hell, if you are lucky enough maybe you can spend the whole weekend? In my bachelor party going years I have played golf, paintball, fired weapons off at the range and of course went to various sporting events before the evening entertainment began. All four of the above make for great starts to bachelor parties. After the wedding, how many more times will you make it to the range or the paintball fields? I don’t know the answer, but I’m fearful it’s not as much as you would like.

4. Great Eats

As we get older we are told what we should stop eating as to remain in tip-top shape. Well, all of those foods should be consumed during a bachelor party. Steaks, ribs and enough bacon to make your cardiologist cringe should all be available on the dining menu. At a bachelor party we are not to worry about calories, carbs or fat content instead we are just to consume and enjoy. I think a nice steakhouse that specializes in all the awful-for-you-foods that I speak of is a must.

3 .Gambling

I love gambling! Whether it takes place in a casino or at somebody’s home, betting money on various games is always the way to go. The only thing that makes gambling better, in fact, is when your friends are around to bet with you. I have played poker at a lot of bachelor parties throughout the years and it has always been a hit. Whether it is early in the day or after everything else wraps up, trying to win people’s money has got to be incorporated into everybody’s special day.

2. Alcohol

This one is a no brainer! Beer or liquor or better yet, both work very well. I’m a believer that on a special occasion like a bachelor party, there should be no expense too large when it comes to the refreshments. Usually, I go on the cheap when I drink, however bachelor parties are the one event where the top shelf stuff should be in full supply. I used to think all alcohol was the same, I didn’t know the difference. Well that all changed with the first bachelor party that I attended. My drinking life was never the same. The same must go for my party.

1. Strippers

People always have different ideas about whether strippers should be a part of a great bachelor party. The answer is a resounding YES. Many guys will say that strippers are not their thing. Well, I think they’re liars. Guys enjoy watching naked women dance! It’s that simple. I believe a bachelor party cannot be considered great without strippers roaming around. And, if it’s your future wife who doesn’t understand the concept, well you might want to rethink things. The strippers are not interested in you, they are interested in your money and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So what did I miss?


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