By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit man is among the many Michigan residents who are reinventing themselves due to the troubled economy.

WWJ’s Sandra McNeill caught up with a former teacher who’s been selling flags downtown.

Virgis Foster covers all the downtown festivals selling flags and glo-sticks on the street.

But you can get one free if you can answer an American history question:
“I’m a substitute school teacher, I taught social studies and it’s really something that is … with me,” said Foster.

Foster is among the millions of Americans searching for full-time work. Still trying to pay off his college loans Foster, a veteran, says he owes over $150,000 in student loans.

He says he got a vending license from the city of Detroit and wanted to do something productive.

“I’m engaging the people and they love the trivia aspect of the marketing idea. One little five-year old knew that James Madison was the fourth president,” said Foster.

While Foster enjoys getting to meet so many people during festivals he’d really like to get back to work full-time putting his master’s degree to use.

Foster can be contacted at


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