By: Bill McAllister
Well, it only took five years but Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting the ‘Big D’. I thought for sure this sham marriage would be over with by the three year mark but Joey Potter hung in there, I’ll give her credit. There is no proof by the way that she’s running back to be with Dawson. Tom and Katie are calling it quits and the rumor is that Mr. Rock of Ages had no idea it was coming! According to TMZ, Katie filed papers in NYC Thursday afternoon behind Maverick’s back and he was ‘stunned’ when he found out.

If you’ll remember, Cruise went onto the Oprah show way back when to declare his love for Katie by performing his greatest acting achievement to date by jumping on couches, screaming like a manic high school kid who just told his buddies he rounded second base for the first time and basically scaring the crap out of Oprah. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the uncomfortable over sell of the century…

The worst part of all of this is that Tom Cruise ruined Katie Holmes, he turned her into a robot of her former self! She’s still beautiful but she was HOT at one time. See The Gift if you don’t believe me. She married Jerry Maguire and became a frumpy and adopted a ‘nanny-putting herself through college’ look. How dare you, Cole Trickle. But Katie can rebuild herself, she’s still young, she can be hot again like she was in Thank You For Smoking. So long as Lt. Daniel Kaffee doesn’t get in the way! (ok, I’m running out of characters). We will discuss on the Stoney and Bill Show, Monday morning.


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