By: Mike Stone

When the Pistons traded Ben Gordon and a first round(2013 lottery protected)draft pick to Charlotte, the biggest buzz was either about the 15 million dollars the Pistons saved or the draft pick they will eventually give up. Hardly any talk was directed at the player who was coming to Detroit,Corey Maggette. Granted he is not a superstar, but the guy has averaged over 16 points a game and gets to the line 7 times a game. Maggette was in town on Tuesday and is happy to be a Piston, “Its a great opportunity for me. It’s a blessing and am happy to start a new chapter in my life.”

Maggette’s Bobcats were the worst team in NBA history, winning just .106% of their games this past season. He told me it was not easy being a Bobcat,”It was a tough situation, guys were out the majority of the time from me to Gerald Wallace to D.J.Augustin. We never had the chance to have 4 of our top guys on the floor.”

Although he only played at Duke for one season, he is still looked on as a Dookie and he understands where all the Duke hate comes from, “People just hate Duke ‘cause they are good, they get good players and they have one of the best coaches in college basketball.” You can hear the rest of the interview below.


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