DETROIT (WWJ) – Four months away from election day and Michigan is looking like a “dead heat” in the race for President.

Working on polls since 1972, WWJ spoke with Bernie Porn, Head of Polling for Epic MRA in Lansing about the upcoming race.

Regarding Governor Romney, Porn says that the focus must continue to be on today’s struggling economy … he says it’s a message that is resonates with the public, “Right now independent voters are siding with Romney by double digits.”

As for the President; Porn’s advice is to advertise more in Michigan and highlight the auto industry bailout – some thing Romney opposed.

“The Obama position on that issue was overwhelmingly supported in Michigan by about 60 percent of the vote, including … breakout Republicans – so that is a real problem for Mitt Romney,” said Porn.

“If the Obama campaign doesn’t include Michigan in the list, they have a real possibility of losing the list, if they include it in the list and they start really playing up the auto industry loans were made and Romney opposed, I think that an edge still has to be given to President Obama in terms of likely winning Michigan,” Porn said.

Michigan voters will tell the tale on election day, Tuesday November 6, 2012.


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