DETROIT — The fine folks at are back for another week of job openings, referral bonuses, and this week, a special bonus section on networking tips. Here are the openings:

* Dow Corning is hiring for a Senior Internal Auditor
* DraftFCB posted a position for an Account Supervisor with Digital Marketing Experience
* WMS Gaming posted seven new jobs ranging from Developers to Analysts to Supply Chain Managers
* S Group Automotive posted a Maintenance Technician position
* Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt posted three new jobs: an Audit Associate, an Accounting and Auditing Senior Associate and a Tax Associate

Apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money. Here are this week’s big bonus jobs:

* Forensic Accounting/Litigation Support Director – Chicago Search Group – $3,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Training Specialist – Perceptron – $3,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Sr CAD Designer – Apple Soft Inc. – $3,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Data Architect – CCC Information Services Inc. – $3,000 hiring and referral bonus

Tips on “Networking” a.k.a. Managing Interpersonal Relationships

NETWORKING. The glorified expression appears time after time. People cite it as the reason they met a person of interest, got their foot in the door and landed a new job. Yet talking to strangers seems like a foreign and intimidating concept — how do you master it?

The best part about networking is realizing you’ve been doing it all your life. From the first time you enter a classroom in preschool you learn how to meet a room full of strangers. To find the right people to play with in the sandbox of life, check out this guide to networking.

* Find common ground. At your next networking event, look for someone who may have something in common with you. Whether they are relatively the same age, look friendly, or are even from a company of interest, find a purposeful reason to talk to them.
* Ask questions. Once you start a conversation, make sure to ask questions about their work and life. Start first with the business basics to understand their job and purpose for attending. From there, listen and let the conversation take its course.
* Share. Share a little bit about your background. Reveal something that you want to learn more about. By disclosing a bit of your interests, you can gauge their reaction and desire to help you.
* Connect. If the conversation is going well, establish a reason to connect at a future time. A great follow-up would be to exchange contact information and send them a link to your hiredMYway digital profile.
* K.I.T. Keeping in touch is one of the most crucial components of networking.  Whether it’s asking for feedback on your resume or sharing pertinent content, make a conscious effort to maintain the relationship with the appropriate follow-up. From there, listen to your instincts and make sure not to be too intrusive.  You’ll begin to find people that you naturally connect with. Nurture those relationships and your foot will be in the door in no time.


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