Detroit Rally Supports “Bring Jobs Home Act”

DETROIT (WWJ) – Protesters carried a message Tuesday in southwest Detroit: stop shipping jobs overseas.

As WWJ’s Sandra McNeill reports there were several labor unions gathered for the rally in support of a Jobs Bill.

If passed, tax breaks would come to an end for companies who ship jobs overseas, under the “Bring Jobs Home Act”.

Jay McMurran of United Steel Workers doesn’t believe that companies can no longer afford to pay higher union wages: “That’s what built Detroit, that’s what made Detroit – Detroit; strong auto industries, strong steel industry, all up and down the Detroit River you had chemical plants … are those days over?” McMurran asked. “I hate to think they are not because I don’t think we can survive as a service economy.”

The protest included service employees, the International Labor Union, United Food and Commercial workers and the UAW.

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