By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

With the baseball trade deadline just around the corner, the big question with the Detroit Tigers continues to be if super prospect Nick Castellanos will get traded to make the Tigers better now? I had a chance to catch up with Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi, a guy that has been engrossed in nothing but trade rumors for months now to see what he thought of Castellanos and his chances of remaining a Tiger for the remainder of the season.

Morosi on Castellanos and the Tigers organization:

“The Tigers are very high on Castellanos, there is no doubt that they have big plans for him in the future, because of that I don’t think he is going to get traded. We have been down that road before with Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin, hearing how they are part of the future, but in this case, particularly with the number of rental players out there, the Cole Hamels, Zack Greinke and Francisco Liriano I just don’t see Castellanos being available in those kinds of deals.”

Morosi on the plans for Castellanos

“The fact that they have him playing right field in Eerie, to me is a big clue that they want to try and look at him for this year. I think it is much more likely at this point that he is going to be playing in the big leagues for the Tigers this season then he would be traded to another club.”

Morosi on how Castellanos is doing right now?

“The way he has played so far in Eerie, he has not torn up the league the way that he did at Lakeland so I think he still does need some time but the overall package is excellent. Jim Leyland spoke on Mondays before the game about just how impressed he is with him and how special he is and hey the Tigers this week are seeing a 20 year old with the Angels play in Mike Trout so it is not out of the realm of possibilities that a 20 year old like Castellanos could come to the big leagues and have an impact right now.”

Morosi on if the Tigers would consider trading Castellanos for the D-Backs Justin Upton?

“I think there is more of a chance and I think the Tigers would have to think about. They have always been a club that has been very bold in their thinking. Dave Dombrowski over the years if you ask him if player X is touchable or player Y he typically doesn’t say that because he doesn’t want to put that label on anybody. I think they would be open minded about that. Would they do it? I don’t know!

Morosi on the upside of Justin Upton

“He finished in the top five of the MVP ballot last year. Less than a year ago you would have been saying that he is untouchable and he actually has a pretty fair contract going forward where you would be able to control him for a couple more years.”

Morosi points out that Upton has not played that well lately

“Right now Upton isn’t having a very good year. He had a rough weekend at Wrigley where he was 0-10. Upton is going to have to play a whole lot better for that to be something the Tigers would even think about.”

Listen to the entire Jon Paul Morosi interview below to find out more about Nick Castellanos and if he truly should be labeled as “Untouchable?”


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