ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – You may have seen him at local clubs and just about every outdoor festival in town.  But just who is he?

He’s one of Detroit’s original characters – complete with shorts, a skinny tie and a suit jacket he stenciled himself.  He’s “The Spaghetti Man.”

Brian Alsobrooks, also known as the Spaghetti Man, goes out two to three times every week and dances – even for hours in the scorching heat.  He’s a well know figure in a few local clubs and at most outdoor festivals around town.

spaghetti man jacket Who Is The Spaghetti Man?

(WWJ Photo/Sandra McNeill)

“I’ve been known to do six, eight hours out in the hot weather and I refuse to take off my jacket,” Alsobrooks told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Sandra McNeill. “It’s my image, ya know?”

Alsobrooks, who delivers newspapers by day, said it all started when he began dancing 20 years ago in Marquette.

“It went from being a big, dumb doofus to a cool doofus,” said Alsobrooks.

The Spaghetti Man said his dance style is pure 80s.

“… It’s herky-jerky, like spaghetti,” said Alsobrooks .  “I do a twirl.  People have told me it’s really a unique twirl.   I guess my patented move would be how I’m able to almost run backwards, but I’m actually dancing.”

People often film Alsobrooks dancing and dozens of videos can be found on YouTube.

“Some of the videos that you see on YouTube … are [filmed with] cheap cellphone cameras,” said Alsobrooks.  “They don’t make me look good.”

Alsobrooks said he knew he made it when he came face-to-face with his twin in a Royal Oak nightclub.

“That was like the ultimate tribute,” said Alsobrooks.  “When you have people wanting to be like you for Halloween.”

At 48, the Spaghetti Man has no plans to hang up his cork-soles anytime soon.

“I’ll be out there dancing with a walker,” said Alsobrooks.

Have you ever encountered the Spaghetti Man? Comment below.

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  1. Karen Beste says:

    Just saw you at the Warren Birthday Bash this past Saturday, you alway’s bring a smile to my face & faith in my heart, that to just be who you are and you are loved by many

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