JACKSON — Full Spectrum Solutions said a Tennessee manufacturer saved thousands of dollars on installation and will save thousands more in lower energy bills by installing Full Spectrum’s EverLast “shoe box” lighting fixtures at its plant.

The company, a Flowserve Corp. supplier in Cookerville, Tenn., got a $200-per-fixture lighting rebate from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

“Initially, Flowserve was going to pay $1,100 for a different fixture,” said Bruce Sizemore of Sizemore Performance LLC, a construction firm in Walland, Tenn. “By going with EverLast they paid less than a third of that cost and still were able to have the Bi-Level feature, longer life hours, and reduced maintenance costs. The shoe box fixtures were without a doubt the fixture of choice.”

Flowserve decided to outfit their entire parking lot at the Cookerville location with the EverLast shoe box fixtures, which are made in the United States. The 150-watt fixtures are projected to have between seventy percent energy savings in comparison to the 400-watt metal halide models that were installed at the Flowserve location.

“Flowserve did not want to sacrifice lumen output that would impact parking lot safety in order to install these lights, and we knew that from the beginning,” Sizemore said. “The light is very clean, and we all were blown away by the watt difference in comparison to the metal halide models that they had in place. The EverLast U.S.-made shoe box fixtures matched light levels using less than half of the wattage.”

For additional product information, visit www.everlastlight.com, call (888) 383-7578, or email info@everlastlight.com.


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