“This dress probably cost under $20 with hot glue, tape and the thread and the toilet paper.” Susan Brennan tells WWJ Newsradio’s Kathryn Larson as she catches up with the Orchard Lake clothing designer to see what’s new in the world of toilet paper dress making.

Brennan has been sewing for a little less than a decade. She loves to get creative. Describing how her process developed Brennan said, “I guess just put the pedal to the metal and sewed away!”

When asked how much work goes into a dress like this Brennan laughed and said, “You get in the zone though — when you’re doing any kind of art project I get in the zone and then it’s like ‘Oh! It’s five o’clock in the morning, 9 o’clock in the morning, I’m still going!'”

Where will the award-winning dress go? Brennan said, “Hopefully the dress will go on to be in a Ripley’s museum. I don’t know where. Somewhere around the world and hopefully have a long life there.”

What’s next for toilet paper clothing? Half-jokingly Brennan said, “… if we did it next year. Like make a suit for a guy. Maybe a couple outfit.”

What’s the draw for an artist to use unconventional materials? Brennan explains, “I like the challenge out of that. Taking something that’s not supposed to be art … and making it something fantastic.”

In July of 2011 Larson first visited Brennan after a gown she made won the top prize in the Seventh Annual National Toilet Paper contest.

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