Southgate Seagulls Flock To New Location

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Seagulls in Southgate. (WWJ/ Mike Campbell)

Seagulls in Southgate. (WWJ/ Mike Campbell)

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SOUTHGATE (WWJ) – Following up on a story WWJ told you about last month … birds that made a mess down-river have taken up a new home.

Thousands of seagulls took over a closed car lot on Fort Street, causing Southgate officials to take what some said was extreme action to get rid of them; and it worked … sort of. The birds moved next door to Southgate Lincoln, where Dan Miller is general manager.

“There are sometimes the birds are here – they are still a nuisance other times they are gone, we don’t know why,” said Miller.

Miller said they are a nuisance because of the feathers and droppings.

He said the birds are an expense cause they have to wash the cars at the dealership more often.

The birds are coming out 2-3 times more often but they are seeing fewer of them said Miller.

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