By Charlie Langton

Southfield (Talk Radio 1270) – Former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain talks all things politics and pizza on Charlie Langton mornings.

Can Mitt Relate?

Cain recently wrote an opinion piece where he said being rich is cool. Langton asked him to explain. Cain said it was in reply to how the left attempts to portray Mitt Romney as not personable, “Rich is cool when you’re running for president because it is a measure of success he has attained in this country because he has worked hard, he has made tough decisions, he’s taken some risks.” “I respect everybody who has worked hard for what they have gotten.”

With 40% of children living in poverty how can Romney relate to the people of Detroit? Cain said, “He puts in policies that will create jobs with a growing thriving economy.”

According to an NAACP study, 95% of black people will vote for Obama. Langton asked Cain if he thinks he’s done enough for black people in urban areas like Detroit. He quickly responded saying, “No. He hasn’t done enough for anybody. Langton asked, “So why do you think black people are voting for him? Cain replied, “Some of them are voting for him simply because he’s black.”

“Can a white person be elected mayor of a city that’s roughly 80% black?” Langton asks. Cain answers, “Yes. If that person has a very clear plan about how they are going to stimulate the economy. It’s not about color. If it is — the only color is green. How are you going to create jobs for people.”

Obama’s Race Card

Langton asks Cain if he’s ever been a victim of racism. Cain recalls an incident saying, “Yes I have. I was a victim of racism early on in terms of being denied a promotion simply because the color of my skin. And so rather than get mad or file a lawsuit I went back to law school and got a master’s degree and went back to work at the same place and outperformed the person who had been promoted over me.”

He then turns the conversation to the Obama administration saying, “What bothers me is that this administration plays the race card and the class warfare card and all that does is divide us. Whenever President Obama is criticized, some of the surrogates or some of the other liberals will try to insinuate that it is about race and I think that is disingenuous with the American people.”

Imagine There’s No Pizza

On a lighter note, at the top of the interview we found out that Herman Cain is a great singer.

Listen to Cain as he sings a variation of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Cain told Langton that back in the early 1990’s when he was the president of Godfather’s pizza — the Omaha Press Club had a fundraiser and they provided the lyrics and asked him to sing the version of the song.

Here’s the words from portion of the song aired on the show:

“Imagine there’s no pizza.
I couldn’t if I tried.
Eating only tacos or Kentucky fried …”

Cain explained why he did it saying, “Number one, it was fun. Number two, it shocked everybody because they didn’t know I could sing. It turned out to be a fun event for a good cause.”


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