By a) Mike Stone

DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) Lions running back Kevin Smith, 25, has had some tough breaks injury-wise since the team picked him up in the 2008 draft. But he says he doesn’t let injuries get him down.

“Nah, I never second guess what happens in life,” Smith said. “I’ve been playing football a long time. Things happen, I could finish my career not getting injured again.”

That being said, he told 97.1 The Ticket’s Mike Stone this season “is all about staying healthy for me, a whole 16 games plus.”

So what’s he looking forward to this season?

“I’ll be fine man, it does suck that I get hurt because the proof is in the pudding — when I’m healthy I can do some good things on the field,” he said.

Smith sat out for the first time and discussed how tough it was.

“It was tough, my first time ever not on someones opening day roster since (laugh) 1994, it couldn’t have happened any better. I was blessed to come back and play for the Lions, it was the best fit,” he said.

But Smith isn’t the only player on the team, and he says he’s looking forward to focusing on football in the upcoming season.

“I think it’s going to bring us together. When you are in training camp the thing you can focus on is football. Guy have to be smart, guys have to put the team first,” Smith said.


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