By: Terry Foster

Over the years I’ve attacked brackets guy for showing me his NCAA tournament bracket when I didn’t ask for it. My wife Abs used to get courted by paycheck guy. That was the guy who would carry around his pay stub and show women how much he made a week.

Now I bring to you softball guy. I ran into him the other day and this guy was so annoying. He asked if I played. I told him I play for the station team. He then proceeded to tell me about the four teams he plays on.

And here is the kicker. He told me his stats in each league. I am talking about batting average, doubles, triples and RBI’s. He did not mention home runs so I am assuming he is a Punch and Judy hitter. He also told me the team records and what positions he plays. Mind you I did not ask and I did not care.

It is one thing if you are talking with a buddy and he asks how softball is going and what your average is. You can talk about it. But you cannot bring up batting average to a stranger. Did the guy think I was going to call my editors at the Detroit News and ask if I could do a story on him?

He is happy about his accomplishments. God bless him. But who the hell cares.
Is softball guy any different than golf guy who not only gives you his score but gives you a hole by hole preview?

What if guys gave you a blow by blow about their girlfriends? I guess he’d be girlfriend guy.

Look, we all have things we can do. We all have good accomplishments and there are things we are proud of.

But do we have to brag about it?


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