Kate Upton, The Olympian?

By: Bill McAllister

The 2012 London Olympics begin Friday and everybody has their favorite competition. Whether you like Track And Field, Basketball, Swimming or even…Archery, the Olympics are a celebration of the greatest athletes in the world.

Back in 2000, Trampoline debuted as an Olympic sport at the Sydney Games. Now, we’ve all been on a trampoline, either in school or someone’s backyard. You could see how high you could bounce or do a seat drop or for the advanced trampoliner, you could actually attempt a flip. The athletes who compete in the Olympics would have obviously dominated the ‘tramp’ at Parkwood Elementary when I was growing up. These guys are amazing! Sometimes bouncing up to 30 feet in the air!

To help you as you’re watching this year’s Trampoline competition, here are some key words you’ll need to know;

Barani – a front somersault with a half-twist.

Fliffus – a double somersault with at least a half-twist.

Triffus – a triple somersault with at least a half-twist.

Rudolph – a front somersault with 1½ twists, sometimes known as a ‘Rudy’.

I’m not sure how the Americans will fare in Olympic Trampoline but I think I’ve found our “Secret Weapon”…

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