DETROIT (WWJ) – To help raise money for its own fire department, the city of Hamtramck is offering a helping hand to Detroit when responding to emergencies.

Nevrus Nazarko, Hamtramck’s city manager and finance director, said the assistance would benefit Detroit workers and provide jobs for laid-off firefighters.

“We’re looking to provide services to the surrounding areas that Detroit encompasses, and in turn get some further compensation for that,” Nazarko said.

The proposed partnership will go before Detroit City Council Tuesday.

Hamtramck Fire Chief Paul Wilk said he doesn’t think the transition would be a problem for his firefighters or Detroit workers.

“To a certain extent, yes we want the unions to agree also,” he said. “We’re gonna make sure that’s all in agreement.”

Although Nazarko is concerned about the affect the assistance would have on the city’s emergency response, he said he is willing to take the risk to potentially benefit both cities.

“I’d like to open the discussion to the city of Detroit to see if we can cooperate in that regard, expand the area that we provide the excellent fire services to, (and) in turn help Detroit and help ourselves financially as well,” Nazarko said.

The program could be up and running in three months, Nazarko said.  He also is considering offering assistance to Highland Park.


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