By Mark Drum
CBS Detroit Blogger

Big Brother 14 Season 10 Breakdown: Hitting The Reset Button 

America’s choice was revealed and America voted for the coaches.  The coaches are former houseguests of Big Brother, and they’ve been voted to come back in the game to win $500,000 instead of coaching the new houseguests. If one of their players make it to the end – the winning the coach would win $100,000. So for the coaches – the trade-off in prize is now a lot better. I, for one, was not happy with the news but this is Big Brother and you’ve got to ‘expect the unexpected’. Instead of breaking down the episode I’m going to do a reset myself. I’ll breakdown each houseguest (both old & new) and how I think they will do with this reset.

Ashley really hasn’t been playing this game strategically, other than lying low. However, when she was up for elimination she definitely worked hard not to be evicted. Ashley is definitely a ‘floater’ right now and hopefully will actually start playing the game now that her coach Janelle, as well as the other coaches, are playing the game. I think she’ll form an alliance with Wil and Joe or even with her little showmance Ian. Hopefully with this reset, we’ll see Ashley reset her game strategy.

Having already been on Big Brother (season 12) Britney has made it all the way to the final four. Her biggest downfall has been trusting ‘the boys’ of her season to take her to the end. Britney isn’t the best at competing but makes up for it in her social game. She’s a talker and plays with her emotions. Her emotions, however, may get the best of her as she’s been known to breakdown in stressful situations. But this is a new season and maybe this time around Britney can make it to the final two and maybe even win. Will she align herself with the only houseguest she coached, Shane? Or will she team up with the other coaches to ensure they have the majority vote?

This is Boogie’s third season of Big Brother (season two & season seven: all stars) having lost his first, but redeeming himself in his second attempt, Boogie knows how to play the game. I was shocked that he decided not to hit the reset button to return to the game. This season he has worked harder than I’ve seen him do the past two seasons to ensure his houseguests were safe and his own safety. He’s definitely a social gamer and it’s helped him win the $500,000. Will we see our first repeat winner with Boogie? I predict Chilltown 3.0 will happen with an alliance with Ian & Frank, however will take Frank to the finals if he gets that far. Boogie will also align himself with the other coaches to start weeding out the new house guests and for the coaches to control the votes.

Dan, “punched it in,” on tonight’s episode hitting the reset button to return to the game. He’s been a fan of the show since season two but will his strategy from his first win (season 10) be  successful this time around? I think Dan can go far with the strategy he has done his season. Now with time and the experience of playing the game, he’s been able to reflect  on his own gameplay and has a good shot of making it to the final two. Winning again, however, will be a daunting task, since he’s already a target because he’s been a winner and the other houseguests (both old & new) fear his gameplay. I suspect Dan will get offered many alliance offers as well as Dan making some of his own. I’m excited to see what Dan does now with this reset. Side note: How funny was it that Dan quoted an infamous line from the past two seasons (12 & 13) with Danielle & Shane’s showmance, I was dying with laughter.

Dan’s only houseguest left is now playing her on her own. I predict she’ll keep with her showmance with Shane. Both promised to take each other to the final two, with a pinky promise. Danielle definitely made an effort from the POV competition this past week and so when the pressure is on for Danielle, she can definitely play the game. I’m looking forward to seeing how far she’ll go.

This houseguest has dodged the bullet twice. But how many more chances does Frank get? He’s definitely a threat to the other houseguests, so it’ll only be a matter of time when he’ll be back on the chopping block. But he plays the game similarly to his coach, Boogie. I can see Frank and Boogie form an alliance.

Ian hasn’t really made any big moves in the game. Being a self-proclaimed “Super Fan,” like Dan, Ian has been watching Big Brother since season two. It’s interesting that Dr. Will (winner of season two) predicts Ian might win this game. I really hope that isn’t true because he hasn’t really done anything spectacular to show he can. Ian will be good in an endurance (which I think he might win this week’s HOH) and memory competitions. Ian is smart and wants to align himself with strong players, so they’re targeted and not himself. Which is good for him,  but hopefully whoever he aligns with sees that and gives him the boot before Ian does that to them. I think he may even form an alliance with his showmance Ashley, but he’ll definitely continue an alliance with Boogie & Frank.

The buxom blonde was more than happy to accept America’s offer to come back in the game. This is her third attempt at winning the game, so will her third time the charm? My verdict is no, she’s already a big target since she’s dubbed the ‘Competition Queen’, winning the most HOH & POV competitions as well as winning two of the three coaches competitions. I definitely think she’ll align herself with the other coaches to ensure her safety but also continue to try to control the game. Now that she’s back it’ll be interesting to see her duke it out in competition with the current seasons competition champ, Shane.

She’s still in the house? Jenn has been a “Floater” for the past three weeks. She’s been under the radar and has not been a viable threat to any of the house guests. Which is good for her as she’ll continue not to be considered a threat, but bad in the end, when the other houseguests who are in the jury ask what her strategy was and she won’t have a response. So for Jenn’s sake I hope she’ll start playing the game and align herself with the new house guests to get rid of their coaches (the former houseguests). I think this heavy metal rock girl has more fight in her than she let’s on.

Loud mouth talking Joe, can go home now. He’s a flip-flopper in his game play as he continues to try to align himself with the strong players. But that can only get him so far in the game. He’ll need to start playing his own game and make moves that will further himself in the game. Joe’s chances for making it to the final two are slim to none in my opinion. His best bet, make it to the jury house, where he’ll be a member who votes for the winner of this season.

Poor Shane, his HOH was the waste of a week, but luckily for him he’s eligible to compete for this week’s HOH. However, this HOH competition is endurance and usually the stronger players falter. He’s got a target on his back for being such a strong competitor, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he get’s “backdoored” in nominated for eviction. I think he’ll continue his shomance alliance with Danielle and if both can make it to the final three, then Shane will be a contender to win this season.

It’s interesting how we see Wil’s true feelings for his coach, Janelle, the night when the game resets. Obviously Wil is going to go after the coaches to get them packing out the house. I predict Wil will align himself with the new house guests to ensure the coaches leave before any of them get eliminated. But this game is the ever-changing week to week and it’ll be interesting to see where Wil will stand. His best shot now with the reset is along with Joe is to make it to the Jury house.

Prediction for HOH competition winner – Ian
He’s a small guy and I think with his will power he can win this endurance competition. For how he’ll go about winning he’ll definitely be making deals with other houseguests to fall and guarantee them safety for the week.

I’m looking forward to this Sunday to see who will exactly win. Will it be a coach? Or will it be Ian or another new houseguest? I myself have a twist up myself that I’ll be working on for this breakdown. So stay tuned for that! For now, the game of Big Brother has been reset and it’s now a clean slate.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook /


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