By: Sara

Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte is having a great time in the spotlight at the London Olympics. Unfortunately for Ryan, so is his mom. She dropped a gem the other day when she revealed that her son doesn’t really have time for a relationship, so he, quote, “goes out on one-night stands.” Whether or not this is true, this is probably not something your mom should tell the whole world. Some fans have high fived Lochte for his “hit it and quit it” attitude, but many ladies are disappointed. None more so than a tiny German woman who is a blast from the past. Sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer gave Lochte quite a tongue lashing on Twitter. Who knew she was still alive? Who knew she knew how to use Twitter?

Dr. Ruth tweeted, quote, “Hopefully Mr. Lochte, who wears a rubber cap while swimming, wears a rubber somewhere else during all these 1 night stands.” And about Ryan’s mom, Ruth tweeted, “Mom as a wingman? Really? Doesn’t she want him to find a girlfriend?”

Naughty reputation or not, I think Lochte will do just fine in the lady department. Where he needs to improve is in his interviewing skills. BuzzFeed put together a stellar array of Lochte-isms from interviews over the last few years.

One of the best lines is at 1:21 when Lochte says, “You can tell a great athlete by, like, not how many times he wins, unlike when he loses. Because that’s what is gonna make a swimmer.” So true, Ryan, so true.


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