By Laura Bonnell

BEVERLY HILLS, MICH. (WWJ) If it seems like lots of kids in metro Detroit are coming down with a high fever and sore throat even though it’s the height of summer — you’re right.

Dr. John Dorsey, a Beaumont Hospital pediatrician based in Beverly Hills, said half his patients coming in over the past few weeks, or about 15 a day, are coming in with a similar virus. It includes a high fever and sore throat.

“These viral patterns have been lasting two to four days,” Dr. Dorsey said, adding that older children are generally complaining about having a scratchy throat.

So when to visit the doctor? He said the smallest ones should always go to the doctor with a high fever or sore throat, while older kids whose temperature feels normal after a fever reducer can just ride it out. Think about treating them with plenty of time on the couch and a load of Popsicles.

“The hallmark is socialization when the temperature comes down, if they’re alert and perky, and playful, cheerful, even though they’re not eating (don’t worry), it’s the temperature that makes them be clingy and lethargic,” Dr. Dorsey said.


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