By: Sara

Why date a real person, when you could date a balloon? That is the theory that one Arkansas man subscribes to in life. 27-year-old Dave Collins is the latest person to be featured on National Geographic’s show “Taboo”. In his August episode, Dave explains how to care for and love your balloons. He thinks of his balloons as family, and nothing feels better to Dave then when he keeps his family close and warm and puts them up under his shirt. It is like wrapping your arms around a cloud!

Click HERE for the full video

Dave does sleep with his balloons, but there is no hanky panky going on. He says he likes to keep himself and his balloons “pure”. I am curious about what happens when Dave rolls over in the middle of the night and accidentally pops one of his babies. I imagine rivers of tears and maybe a shoebox funeral. Lucky for Dave, Chick-fil-A has not weighed in on his very special love.


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