By Ryan Wooley

By: Ryan Wooley

No matter what sport you find yourself cheering for, there is always someone who claims they’re a bigger fan than you.

Now in some cases that may be true, but how can you ultimately measure the devotion of one fan to another? Is it based on them watching every game? The apparel they wear? Stats and championships they can recite? Or how about how long they have been a fan?

I personally think any of those would work, but I also don’t think there is a need to say you’re a bigger fan than someone else, unless the person you’re debating with is a recent bandwagon fan and is degrading you like they’re better than you.

However with that said, it is hard to argue that some people are so wrapped up in their team that they will take their “fandom” to the grave—literally.
Have you seen the recent commercial airing on ESPN about fans and team coffins? If not, check this out.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to be buried in a team coffin, let alone be spread out in a recliner with a Pittsburgh Steelers blanket on them like they’re still alive, but I’m sure there are people out there that would do this.

I actually was curious about what a coffin would cost with a team logo on it and I found two Detroit Tigers coffins for sale on two different websites.
This one says $2,787.95

While this one is a cremation coffin, and you can get it for $1,373.95

Again, I would never do this or want this after I died, even though I am a big Detroit sports fan and favor the Lions over the Pistons, Wings and Tigers. But would you? Would you tell your loved ones you want to be buried in a coffin with a team logo on it? Vote below and let your opinion be known.

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