America, I’d just like to remind you that you voted for this and I am not pleased! Putting my personal feelings aside, tonight’s episode moved the game forward even though it felt like it took two steps back. Last week we had seven houseguests left. With this twist, the producers brought the coaches (former houseguests) back in the game. We also saw our first endurance HOH competition, which I enjoy because we see who can really tough it out and who will fall by the wayside.

Truth Or Tell

What was Dan thinking telling Boogie that Frank was going to be sent home if the twist had not happened. I was shaking my head in annoyance. I personally wouldn’t want to team up with Boogie for an alliance. However, Dan is trying to rally allies for himself so he can further himself in the game. Dan makes a good point about owning up to faults and he definitely let Danielle know what he was thinking.

I was laughing when the coaches started to play the denial game about who pressed the “reset button.” It was funny seeing Janelle & Britney deny pressing the button, while competing for the HOH competition. If I was a houseguest, it wouldn’t have been a surprise to me because it’s Janelle’s third time in the house and Britney had Shane left on her team. Plus changing the amount of money a coach could win to $500,000 is also a nice incentive for them.

Dan The Puppet Master?

Even though Dan isn’t Danielle’s coach anymore it was great that Dan was cheering and coaching Danielle on. However for the sake of the game it was a great strategy. I was surprised that Boogie didn’t even cheer for Ian, since he lasted until the final three and I predicted he would win HOH this week, but didn’t. Boogie was busy talking to Frank about the information he heard from Dan and what he needed to do to guarantee himself safety in the house for the week. In the end of the HOH competition it was Danielle who was the victor. Who would have thought Danielle would win? I know I didn’t and she has surprised me as a competitor in the game. Danielle even made promises to Wil, Ian and Britney during the competition promising them safety from being nominated for eviction.

Dan went into game mode to make sure no former coach would be nominated. If I was Danielle I would have completely ignored her former coach’s suggestions and put up two former coaches. Why keep the coaches in the game to have a shot at winning the half a million dollar prize? What would have been a really big move in the game could have been Danielle, nominating Dan up for elimination. It would have shocked the viewers and the houseguests, but would have been a smart move. Alas, Dan had suggested Wil,Frank and Danielle went along with it. Could it be safe to say Dan is becoming the puppet master for this week with Danielle? Wil does see through Dan’s persona in the game, which is definitely why Dan was targeting Wil.

I’m still surprised that some of the new houseguests are still listening to their coaches, when they should be thinking for themselves. It was interesting to see the dilemma Danielle had about nominating Wil, because as Wil reminded her that she promised him safety. Now if I was Danielle — breaking the news to Wil that he was being nominated for eviction should have been straight to the point. It gave him a chance to win his safety then get to the sidelines. But Danielle went with her coach Dan’s advice and put Frank and Wil up. Which inevitably broke her promise to Wil, but as Boogie said earlier this season, “Checks can bounce,” or in this instance the promise was meant to be broken for the sake of the game.

My Top Three Players

  1. Frank – He’s being targeted for being a physically fit player, yet he won the HOH competition through memory and not physical strength or endurance. Whatever he’s doing though, the other houseguests see this as a threat, which makes him an obvious choice as a top player. Always better to be a threat than a floater or someone not really playing the game at all. So kudos to you Frank.
  2. Wil – Just like Frank, how is he being targeted as a threat? He hasn’t won a competition yet nor has he done anything to prove he’s a threat except evict people he thought should be evicted. I do give Wil credit however at how well he’s reading the other player’s strategies (i.e. Janelle & Dan). The game isn’t all about physical strength it’s also about mental strength and I believe Wil has that.
  3. Dan – Being a fan of the show and winning it, Dan is trying to implement the winning strategy he used on season 10. However his season didn’t feature former houseguests and there wasn’t any twists on his season because they went with the theme “Back to the Basics”, which won Dan a unanimous vote. So whatever he’s doing seems to be working in his favor. For the other houseguests, I would start to imagine a big target on his back to make sure he gets nominated to be voted out.

My Bottom Three Players

  1. Britney – Even though she lasted to the final three in the HOH endurance competition, Britney’s game strategy is pretty week. She continues to align herself with whoever is in power and not thinking ahead. She also hasn’t formed an alliance or even made amends with Janelle. I would be worried if I was Britney because as she knows (from season 12) she won’t see the finals if she doesn’t get rid of the boys she’s playing with and start aligning herself with an all-female alliance. But that is my personal strategy for her, she’s doing her own thing, and for this week she’s safe.
  2. Boogie – He’s too cocky. How was he insulted by not being nominated? I would be relieved and nervous at the same time because of the fear of being “backdoored,” into nominations for eviction. I know there are a lot of Boogie fans, but I’m just not one of them. I really hope (for the sake of his fans) Boogie can create some sort of strategy to secure his safety for this week.
  3. Janelle – Now that she’s playing for her third time, this makes hercreates a target, because the other houseguests know of her reputation with competitions. But she didn’t win the HOH this past week contributing to her no-winning strategy. Can she hold on? I’m going to say it was strategy but the only way to guarantee safety for oneself in the house is to be HOH. What happened to Boogie can also happen to Janelle, being “backdoored,” into nominations for eviction.

Floaters of the Game

Ashley, Joe, Jen – They’re just riding the coattails of the other houseguests and just being pawns for votes. I really hope these three start playing the game rather than sitting in the background. All three seem to be competitors but they haven’t done anything to prove they want to win this game in my opinion.

Prediction of POV Winner – Frank

It would definitely upset Danielle if Frank won, so I’m going to predict Frank will win this competition, putting a wrench into Danielle’s plan.

Looking forward to Wednesday to see who will win the POV and if new strategies will be created. If you watch the live feeds, you’ll know (or will know now) that this house is continually changing its opinion on who will stay and who will go. Promises will be made but in the Big Brother game those promises are meant to be broken.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with 


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