DETROIT (WWJ) – Anti-war and community organizations joined forces for a rally in downtown Detroit calling for less nuclear arms spending in favor funding for social programs.

A couple dozen people took part in the demonstration outside the McNamara Federal Building in downtown Detroit on Monday — the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

“We learned 67 years ago that arms are not the answer,” said Rev. David Bullock of the Rainbow Push Coalition. “Also, 47 years ago, because we put down the bullet and picked up the ballot we won the Voting Rights Act, and so we say the priority for our government should be to stop the violence,” he said.

Instead, Bullock’s group is pushing for more funding for education, jobs, unemployment, healthcare and infrastructure improvements.

Helen Weber, Co-chair of Peace Action of Michigan, hopes our representatives in Washington D.C. are listening.

“So much is being devoted to destructive war, creating terrible problems for the people of our country. You know, the people are hungry, without homes, without healthcare,” said Weber. “So, we’re a voice at a spot that represents federal government hoping to draw more attention by our members of Congress to this situation.”

Peace Action of Michigan and the other groups back President Obama’s move towards a reduction of nuclear arms production.


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