By: Evan Jankens

An ongoing debate on the Karsch and Anderson show has been whether or not Usain Bolt, the “World’s Fastest Man,” could play in the NFL, especially since Bolt made a You Tube video pitching himself as a candidate for British soccer team Manchester United.

Karsch and Anderson talked with Lions DE Cliff Avril today at Lions training camp about that exact subject and he threw cold water all over Bolt’s football aspirations.

Doug Karsch asked Avril “do you believe Usain Bolt can play football?” Avril said, “No! I mean my biggest issue is that’s like me saying I can go out on a track and run fast. All athletes think we can play another sport, but we really can’t. Most of us think we can play in the NBA but we really can’t. Let’s be honest with ourselves. I don’t think a lot of guys can transition from basketball or track to a football player, it’s a completely different world on the field.”

Karsch continued to ask Avril about Bolt: “Would you like to see him suit up and run a fly pattern and see if (Matthew) Stafford can out throw him?”

The response? Avril laughed again and said, “That would be great for the fans, we don’t even know if he can catch. Definitely would be great for the fan … but definitely not something that would happen.”

Avril was also asked about the status of Louis Delmas after knowing he had surgery on his knee yesterday. Avril said, “Well, for one he’s my friend, a good friend on the team. He’s such a vocal leader, this guy is live all the time. He makes the locker room fun, you’re gonna miss him in all aspects of the game. It’s bad news and I belive he will bounce back. We definitely need him. When he is in the game it’s completely different from when he’s out.”

Listen to the entire interview below.


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