By: Khang Hunyh

10 “She can blow the whistle longer”
9 “Way to know there is a female official…the red challange flag now has a completely different meaning now…and no one wants to pick it up.” Ryan in Clawson
8 “How do you know it’s a woman official? Her penatly explanations take twice as long as Ed Hochuli’s” Jesse in Alabama
7 “Ways to know there is a female official? The game doesn’t start on time!”
6 “Chick ref = yoga pants” R.J. in Eastpionte
5 How can you tell there’s a female ref? She will be carrying Travis Henry’s baby! John in grosse pointe
4 Ways to know there’s a female ref, there’s a switch to vertical stripes, they’re slimming. Steve in Lake Orion
3 The game is delayed 25 minutes because she’s late, but reminding her won’t make her go any faster. –pro
2 Ed Hockulie holding his poses a little longer and applying oil quarterly. –pro
1. How to tell theres a woman official…she calls you for a hold in the previous play- then reminds you about the pass interference last week, off sides in 2010, your ROUGHING THE PASSER in pop warner……and every foul you ever commited before she even met you. JNC


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